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The Art of Kitchen Design

At Hill Farm Furniture, we thrive on designing beautiful kitchens that fit perfectly with our clients’ tastes and lifestyles. As with any design process, there is an art to designing beautiful kitchens, and our years of experience mean we can offer expert advice as you begin to think about your own kitchen space.

What do You Dream Of?

When you think of your dream kitchen, what is its primary purpose? Perhaps it is the hub of the home, where the whole family can gather for wholesome home cooked meals. Or it might be that you are looking for a sleek design that lends itself to hosting friends and family in the evenings. You may even require your kitchen to have a combination of functions including the space to work from home. Whatever you have in mind, at Hill Farm we can create a bespoke design to meet your every desire.

Quality Materials

Great design is of no use if the product is then made with anything but the finest materials. At Hill Farm, we favour Tulip hard wood and Quebec yellow timber to ensure that your finished kitchen is every bit as magical as you imagined. To suit all budgets, we can offer designs that feature materials from veneered MDF to solid wood throughout.

As every element is individually tailored, we can create the exact unit sizes to fit the space you have available, before you choose the final finishes. Whether your kitchen needs to be efficient, contemporary, sleek or traditional, a bespoke hand-crafted kitchen from Hill Farm Furniture will precisely meet your needs.

The Art of Kitchen Design

Kitchens should be designed with two elements in mind. The first is practical and takes into consideration how you intend to use your kitchen on a daily basis. The second is aesthetic; what style do you crave, and what impact would you like your new kitchen to make? There are several considerations that can help you answer these questions.

Function and Daily Use

During the course of a normal week, many of us will use our kitchen in a familiar way. There are some decisions that can be made easily based on the way that you cook and live.

To make life easier, you’ll need to reduce the number of steps you take when cooking. This can be achieved by locating saucepans in drawers below the hob or storing plates and bowls in a cupboard next to the dishwasher for fast unloading. At Hill Farm, we can talk you through other similar considerations to help you reduce the need for excessive movement whilst preparing meals.

The functionality of the kitchen must be good, too. Units placed in kitchen corners can become ‘dead spaces’, but clever pull-out larder systems can help to turn this into valuable space. At Hill Farm, we also carefully design cupboard openings so that when you’re cooking up a storm you can open multiple cupboard doors without them bumping into each other.

There should be plenty of worktop space for chopping and preparing food, kneading dough or rolling out pastry. If you have young children, it is important to consider their safety by planning to install hot or dangerous appliances out of their reach. If your kitchen sees a fair amount of footfall, you’ll want to ensure there is enough space between units for several family members to move about freely.

The Working Triangle

The cornerstone of kitchen design, the working triangle makes reference to the three kitchen essentials; the hob or range, the fridge and the sink. For the ideal design, the aim is to create a triangle small enough for easy cooking, but with enough space for food preparation and the placement of cookware either side.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands look smart and can add real pizzazz to your design. However, as they take up space in the centre of the room, you want to make sure the island works hard! Consider adding appliances or the kitchen sink to your island, or incorporate cupboards, drawers or bookcases beneath it. You could also make the island a social area for the whole family by extending the worktop and adding bar stools.

Design Hacks

Sometimes the simplest design features can make all the difference to your cooking experience. Whether you opt for an Aga or an induction hob, placing a small shelf, rack or unit above it can be a great idea. Here you can store oils, herbs and spices, or add hooks to hold pans and utensils. Everything is within easy reach to make cooking a doddle.

The Look

It goes without saying that the look of the kitchen is incredibly important. We all have different tastes and preferences, and you want your kitchen to make you smile every time you walk into it. Consider which materials you love, from wooden cabinets to granite worktops, and then let us show you just how good your kitchen could look.

At Hill Farm, we use high quality paint for the final touches, including Zoffany, Little Greene, Farrow & Ball, and Fired Earth. Colours can give your kitchen personality, from bold statement hues to a light, ethereal style.


In your kitchen, you’ll want lighting that is bright enough to cook by, with the option for softer yellows when dining or entertaining. As part of your kitchen design, consider whether you want spotlights that blend in, or statement pendant pieces that are bold declarations of your taste.

And Not Forgetting...

The provision for bin space is one thing that can often be forgotten when designing a kitchen. At Hill Farm Furniture, you can choose to tuck your bin inside a drawer or cupboard to keep your floorspace clear. As we all try to live more sustainably, it is worth including space for recycling containers too.

Kitchen design is an art in itself, and that’s one of the reasons for hand-drawing our designs. At Hill Farm, we can help you choose from cutting edge appliances and the highest quality materials to ensure your kitchen design works perfectly for you and your family for years to come.

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The Art of Kitchen Design