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Three kitchen cabinet trends

Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of kitchen storage, but they are also important from a design point of view.

Your style of cabinet, choice of colour and design can help to express your personality and make the kitchen a more practical space. Cabinet makers can now make cabinets that are practical, modern and in keeping with contemporary bespoke luxury kitchens. Below we explore three kitchen cabinet trends.

Splash of colour

Kitchen cabinets are now becoming even more colourful and the good news is that anything goes. Pale cabinet colours such as soft grey, green, beige and yellow are all good options to help open up a small and dark kitchen. To create a bold and dramatic statement within the kitchen, then glossy red or emerald green are good choices. You just need space and light.

Mix the old and new

The rule here is that you can mix contemporary styling with traditional pieces. This can involve farmhouse kitchen cabinets that have been given a pale blue stain with LED lighting. Or it may involve pale blue cabinets that incorporate pale grey shelving. Mix and match whatever you like.

Use oak wood

Oak has never gone out of fashion when used in kitchen cabinets and it continues to be a big trend. This wood is hard wearing and is ideal for heavy use in the kitchen. Use natural oak with its textured grain, or alternatively give it a colour stain in pale blue, grey or black to bring it right up to date.

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Three kitchen cabinet trends