5 Ways To Incorporate Classic Blue Into Your Kitchen

Looking to refresh your kitchen interiors this year? We can think of no better way than incorporating Pantone's® Colour of the Year 2020 into your home. Here, Hayley Baddiley from Denby shares her top tips for introducing on-trend Classic Blue into your kitchen.

Each year we're greeted with an abundance of new interior trends to invite into our home, whether that's novel colours, textures or room styles we should be centring our homes around. And, with Pantone® recently revealing their Colour of the Year 2020 to be Classic Blue, decorating and furnishing your home with this beautiful hue is sure to keep it on trend.

This deep blue is said to instil calmness and confidence, while also signalling new beginnings, so it's perfect if you're looking to refresh your kitchen's interiors. Here, I will be showing you how to seamlessly incorporate Classic Blue into your home for a beautifully stylish aesthetic.

Create an eye-catching feature wall

The beauty of Classic Blue is that a little goes a long way, so instead of incorporating it into each key aspect of your home, I recommend using it as a stunning feature colour. If you're looking to revive your older kitchen walls, a splash of this vibrant blue can be just the solution you're after. But, before you pick up the paintbrush to tackle all four walls, consider whether you think a feature wall can pack a bigger punch.

The sense of tranquillity and peace that the shade brings means it's great for the kitchen where we can often feel under pressure, especially when creating dishes for hosting. So, consider painting one of the four walls in your kitchen with this brilliant blue. You can then use pieces of furniture and furnishings in Classic Blue to complement your feature wall and add even more depth to the room.

Match your furniture and soft furnishings

Classic Blue isn't just good for using on your walls: it can certainly make a big impact with smaller details. So, if you're happy with your current kitchen walls, you'll be pleased to know that you can incorporate Pantone's® Colour of the Year 2020 with statement pieces of furniture.

While opting for a luxurious Classic Blue sofa or painted wooden bench can add a beautiful touch to your kitchen, choosing smaller pieces of furniture in this calming hue can have the same effect. For example, investing in quality wooden chairs and giving them a lick of blue paint can transform your kitchen instantly and inject it with some personality.


If you love your current kitchen table and chairs, you could try incorporating Classic Blue into other elements instead, such as seat cushions.

Colour-match your appliances

If you're looking to completely overhaul your kitchen this year, why not try finding some complementary appliances in Classic Blue-esque colours? Switching your older cooker for one in a statement colour can add a beautiful point of interest to your kitchen, but it's not just your larger appliances that can have an impact. If your current appliances are top of the range, try sourcing smaller appliances like kettles and toasters in this dreamy blue hue.

Or, for a major statement, paint your bespoke, wood kitchen a stunning blue! We've some wonderful examples on our Recent Projects page.

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5 Ways To Incorporate Classic Blue Into Your Kitchen