The Hill Farm Process.

How we work.

Hill Farm Furniture has been creating individual and timeless kitchens and furniture for over 30 years.
Each project is unique to you. We design your kitchen or room to suit the architecture of your home, your taste and your lifestyle.

We’re influenced by the Victorian and Georgian eras and modern country kitchens but can, equally, create stunning contemporary designs. All of our work will complement and enhance your home.

We believe in personal service and, as a family-run business, you will always deal with one of the Ashwin family.

You'll love what we do.

From concept, to creation to completion.


This is the process that Hill Farm Furniture takes to create beautiful bespoke kitchens and inspired interiors.

Your dream

The plans

The costs


Final piece

Stage 1- A visit to the showroom....

Looking at images on our website and instagram is a great way of seeing what we do, but of course, the best way of getting to know our kitchens is to visit us! With a cup of tea or coffee in hand, we can show you our beautiful kitchens, the craftsmanship of our work and get to know you a little better. We understand each project is unique and we love to hear what customers have planned.
Should you wish to explore working with us further, it is at this stage we would book a visit to your property.

Stage 2- At home consultation....

A visit to your property is typically arranged within 2 weeks of our showroom meeting. During this consultation we will obtain detailed dimensions of the space in question. We'll also discuss your needs and requirements, how you envisage the space working and any ideas you may have so far. Some customers have very set ideas and some let us loose! Again, every customer and each project is individual. 
If you are embarking on a new build or extension and the space is not available to measure, we will work from an architect's plan. 

Stage 3- Planning & Design.....

Following our consultation, we create very detailed designs and elevations. These are all bespoke – nothing we do is off the shelf and everything is unique to your dream and your house. We create comprehensive 3D visuals and plans, to the room’s exact dimensions, reflecting our commitment to providing kitchens and complete rooms that are designed to suit you. The design process usually takes around 3-4 weeks from initial consultation to producing the plans, however this timescale may vary due to high demand. 
We charge a fee of £395 (inc. VAT) design deposit (refundable upon completion) per room, for our designs. This includes the initial design, plus two revisions. Within this cost you will also receive a full written quotation. 
We can offer an estimate if plans and details of the project are provided to us. 

Stage 4- Scheduling....

Once you approve the design and quotation, we schedule the fitting around our available workshop time and your diary. A typical lead time is around 4-5 months from point of order. 
To secure your manufacturing slot, we ask for a 40% deposit of the project cost. It is at this stage where we can further tweak the designs if needed, and release plumbing and electrical plans. We are more than happy to liaise directly with your builders or tradespeople. 

Stage 5- Keeping in touch....


During the months between placing your order and installation, there is still a lot to think about. We like to invite customers back to the showroom where we can start to work on the finer details such as colour schemes, worktops, handles, lighting etc. The really exciting stuff!! 

Stage 6- Final measure & signing off the design.....

Around 8 weeks prior to installation (this will vary depending upon the size of the job), we carry out a site visit to survey the space and get those very important final measurements. In order to complete this stage we require the sub floor to be laid and all walls and ceilings to be plasterboarded. This is an extremely important part of the whole process and if we are unable to obtain this information, it will result in the installation date being delayed. 
Following our site visit, the plans will be reworked if needed and it is at this point we will need your confirmation in writing signing off the plans. 

Stage 7- The build..... 

Another exciting phase of the project; manufacture! It is important to note that at this point there can be no changes to the cabinetry. 
Again, depending on the size and scale of the project, this stage typically takes around 2-3 weeks in the workshop and a further 2-3 weeks in the paintshop. All cabinetry is handmade and hand finished in our workshops in Dry Doddington. 

Stage 8- Installation....

The moment you've been waiting for! For many, this is months and months in the making and a very exciting day for all, seeing our bespoke designs come to life. 
In order to make the installation process as smooth as possible, we require; a finished floor laid, first fix electrics and plumbing in position, base layer of paint on walls and ceilings, a clear working space free from other tradespersons, and most importantly a dry environment. Your cabinetry is made up from solid timber, therefore the space it is being installed in, must have had enough time to dry out following any previous building works. Increased moisture in the air can cause damage to the cabinets. Where underfloor heating is concerned, it is imperative that this is maintained at an ambient temperature of around 18-20 degrees. 
Failure to meet the requirements above can lead to a delay in installation.
A typical install takes around 3-4 working weeks from start date to final snagging. Multiple room installations will of course increase this time, but we will discuss this with you in detail at an earlier stage. 
55% of the total cost is due prior to us arriving on site.

Stage 9- Completion...

Once your beautiful new space has been transformed, we will contact you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the work carried out. Upon satisfactory completion, the final 5% of the cost is due. 
We understand that for many, we are part of a bigger project and you may have further work being done, or just be sick of the sights of tradespeople and want your home back! But at a time suitable to yourselves, we love nothing more than to visit and see the finished product! 

We’d love to hear from you.

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