How Much Does a Bespoke Kitchen Cost?

If you want to turn your dream kitchen design into reality, go bespoke. Handmade kitchens look beautiful, function seamlessly and outlast changing trends. Renovating a dated kitchen can impact the look and feel of your home, adding significant resale value. However, because your bespoke designer kitchen is unique, it can be a substantial investment. 

So how much does a bespoke kitchen cost? It’s a question we’re often asked at Hill Farm Furniture, and the answer is different every time. Several factors come into play with each project, including style, finish, size and layout. To put things in perspective, we’ve taken a closer look at how your choices can impact the cost of your handmade kitchen.

Your vision

First and foremost, the cost of your bespoke kitchen will be impacted by your vision. One of the principal reasons for going bespoke is to achieve the finish and aesthetic you crave. So, whether your style is sleek and contemporary, mid-century modern or classic country estate, your kitchen design decisions will affect the final cost. And the more specific you are about the bespoke details, the higher the cost.

Off-the-peg kitchens typically use cheaper materials and simple finishes. But the quality of the craftsmanship and materials involved in a handmade kitchen means the results – and the elevated price – speak for themselves. 

Size and layout

Another significant cost factor is the size and layout of your kitchen. Obviously, the fewer cabinets you need, the lower your final spend. And replacing like for like in a kitchen remodel will also simplify the build. However, making the most of every inch of space with bespoke storage solutions will raise the final cost of your kitchen.

Specification and finish

Choosing expensive materials and a higher specification will have a noticeable impact on both cost and results. But perhaps surprisingly, the cost of materials isn’t the most significant spend when it comes to bespoke kitchen design.

Instead, the way materials are used can impact the final price tag. Although for most customers, achieving a unique and specific effect is well worth the price tag. For example, you may choose a seamless quartz worktop with an integrated sink and splashback to achieve the effortless elegance you crave. 

At Hill Farm, our handmade kitchens feature bespoke tulip wood frames and solid oak or walnut internal components with enduring and distinctive painted finishes from the finest quality brands. We’ll work with you to help you achieve the finish you’re looking for, whatever your budget. 

Appliances and finishing touches

For the keen home chef or baker, getting the right appliances can add significantly to the cost of a bespoke kitchen. However, compromising on finishing touches might make savings but could adversely impact the result. For example, handles that are difficult to use or a tap that drips can compromise the entire kitchen experience. 

Installation and craftsmanship

Another major reason bespoke handmade kitchens carry a high price tag is the craftsmanship involved. As a result, the processes involved in constructing and installing a complex kitchen design are a significant part of the overall cost. After all, this is the moment when your dreams become a bespoke, handcrafted reality.

Craftsmanship is key to achieving the results you want, and that level of artistry and detail inevitably comes with a higher price tag. But when the results are so stunning, our customers believe it’s worth it.

Bespoke handmade kitchens from Hill Farm

At Hill Farm, we’ve been creating unique and timeless kitchen designs for nearly 30 years. We’ll guide you through the process from conception to creation and completion, respecting your home, lifestyle and personal aesthetic. To find out more, contact Hill Farm Furniture today.

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How Much Does a Bespoke Kitchen Cost?