How to use bespoke home furniture to create a rustic look

There are now so many kitchen designs on offer that it can be difficult to know what is best for you. If you want a truly authentic kitchen that evokes the feeling of a country home, then a freestanding kitchen is the obvious choice. Below we explore the benefits of freestanding kitchens and how bespoke home furniture can help to create that must-have rustic look in your kitchen.

The freestanding island

A wooden freestanding island is an ideal way to easily zone off areas of your kitchen, as it can be moved depending upon need. Choose painted wood in pale blue, cream or white. Team with wooden chairs for use as an informal dining area.

Go open plan

Open out the space to include a dining space or living area. Benches can be added with colourful cushions. A large cupboard can be converted into a larder and a chest of drawers can be used to house tableware and cutlery.

Mix and match old and new

One way to achieve that rustic feel in a freestanding kitchen design is to mix and match old with new. A distressed antique sideboard can be placed under a wall-mounted cabinet in a blue gloss finish. Just choose colours and finishes that interest you.

Open shelving

Every freestanding kitchen needs the addition of open shelving. The real beauty is that this style of shelving can be placed anywhere to showcase colourful pottery, plates and ornaments.

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How to use bespoke home furniture to create a rustic look