Kitchen Island Design Ideas

When you imagine your ideal kitchen, it’s likely that a kitchen island takes pride of place. At Hill Farm, we can make your dreams a reality and designing the perfect kitchen island is all part of the process.

Kitchen islands are popular because they add so much style to a new kitchen. However, they have many practical functions, too. This makes them ideal for family life, entertaining and even simply for providing extra storage space. From a simple farmhouse-style workstation to a top of the range island, at Hill Farm Furniture we listen to your desires and help create a kitchen island that will suit your lifestyle.

The Design Process

At Hill Farm, the ethos behind our family run business means that we are able to take the time to get to know our customers. We learn what is essential to you, and what you dream of. With your ideas in mind, we can then begin the process of designing a bespoke unit for your kitchen.

Here, we discuss some of the options you might like to consider as part of your kitchen island design.

Worktop Space

There’s no denying that a kitchen island can give you more useable kitchen worktop space. Once you have a new expanse of workspace, it’s up to you what you do with it! Whether you are preparing homemade meals, preserving, batch cooking or baking, having a large expanse of worktop space can make cooking so much easier and more enjoyable.

Although you might want to avoid clutter, there are some items that can be kept on your worktop. The fruit bowl, ornaments and even photo frames can help make your island feel like the centre of your home. Even better, at Hill Farm, you can choose from our range of exquisite worktops to suit your taste.

Cooking Appliances

It is possible to incorporate appliances into your kitchen island. At Hill Farm, we offer the best appliances from Aga to Falcon. You may wish to install an induction hob into the surface of your island, alongside an overhead extractor fan to keep your kitchen feeling fresh. Other popular additions include an entire oven system including an Aga, the dishwasher, or washing machine. Incorporating appliances below the worktop of the island can be a real space saver, leaving more room for a dining table or a comfortable seating area.

Fridge Freezers

Storing chilled and frozen produce within the kitchen island is becoming more popular. From a quality under counter fridge to freezers with easy-access drawers, there is plenty of choice for this appliance. If you’ve always dreamed of having a drinks fridge, we can incorporate one into your kitchen island design. Entertaining has never felt so sophisticated!

Built In Shelving

Below the worktops, we can incorporate clever storage solutions. With handmade shelves made of Tulip hard wood or Quebec yellow timber, you can easily store recipe books, food processors or blenders. These items will always be accessible when needed, but out of the way at all other times.

Another neat space saver to consider is the bespoke chopping board slot. Only a small amount of room is needed to create a designated space for wooden chopping boards, and in doing so you can preserve valuable cupboard and drawer space.

Breakfast Bar

By extending the worktop out beyond the frame of the kitchen island, you can create a breakfast bar. Despite its name, the breakfast bar can serve a multitude of purposes and truly make your kitchen the sociable heart of your home.

This is the place where your children can complete their homework whilst you are busy preparing dinner, or the place to enjoy the papers on a lazy Sunday. When entertaining, your guests can take a seat whilst you add the finishing touches to canapés or tapas dishes. By adding dining chairs or bar stools, you can easily create an attractive seating area that will draw guests and family members in.

Food Storage

Whether you choose open shelving or wooden fronted cupboards, storing food within your island is a great idea. Kitchen produce remains in easy reach no matter what you are cooking, making the process easier. You could even create a mini larder within your kitchen island, with a treasure trove of dried goods, fresh produce and sweet treats.

Electrical Sockets

To make your island work as hard as you do, adding sockets is a great idea. There’ll be no more wires trailing across the kitchen, and you can easily plug your food processor or bread machine in on the island. If you enjoy listening to music or the radio, you can keep your speaker plugged in so that you can change the channel or adjust the volume with ease.


Most kitchens contain a set of drawers, and there is no reason why your island should be without them either! Drawers act as a great form of storage, and you could choose to keep cutlery, plates and other items of crockery, and saucepans within them. These commonly used items can be quickly accessed when cooking or serving up. Even better, if you’ve chosen to incorporate a dishwasher into your island, you’ll be able to unload it in no time.

Your Brief

At Hill Farm, we understand that your kitchen design needs to be as unique as you are. From traditional farmhouse style to modern solid wood creations, we only work with the highest quality materials. We use time-honoured craftmanship to ensure you get the best finish possible.


Every single element can be tailored to your requirements, with no pre-determined unit sizes or finishes. The only thing left for you to do is to tell us about the styles you love, and the impact you would like your kitchen island to make. From a stand-out modern wow factor to a rustic wooden unit, we devote ourselves to creating exactly what you dream of.

To discuss your kitchen island design ideas with us today, contact us to arrange an appointment or for more information.

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Kitchen Island Design Ideas