The Ingredients for a Perfect Pantry

The pantry has once again become a popular feature, particularly where space and budgets allow for a handmade, bespoke approach to a kitchen design.

From humble beginnings in the Middle Ages up to Victorian times, the pantry’s purpose has been to store foods in a separate room to the food preparation area. The same is true today but, what do you need to consider when thinking about the perfect pantry? Here’s our top tips:

Pantry purpose

What do you want the pantry area for? Is it just for storing foods and, if so, what sort of foods, fresh or dried? Decide what you would like to use the pantry for, perhaps by taking stock of your food cupboards and how you currently use your kitchen. For example, if you want to use the area to prepare vegetables consider having a sink as part of the design.

Pantry storage

The type of storage needed in a pantry will very much depend on the answer to point one. For fresh vegetables, for example, baskets are perfect. They allow plenty of air to circulate around the items, keeping them fresher for longer.

For dried or ambient foods, plenty of shelving and space for containers is needed whilst cleaning products are best stored behind cabinet doors.

Incorporating worktops into your pantry allows you space to drop the shopping onto after a trip to the supermarket as well as providing a surface for further storage. Alternatively, a table or island in the middle, space allowing, can be a useful ‘drop zone’ or place to write shopping lists and plan meals.

Party pantry

Pantries don’t just have to be all about food prep and storage. If you want to use the pantry for mixing your favourite cocktails and drinks, consider an integrated wine cooler and/or fridge. Large American fridges with ice makers are perfect. And open shelves can be used to store and show a range of glassware.

Pantry with wine cooler


Unlike the pantries of the past, consider what new technologies you might need - USB sockets, wall mounted docking stations, built in sound systems… If it’s an area you’re going to spend lots of time in, then this could be an important feature.

The pantry entrance

How do you want the entrance to look? Would you like the door to be fun or creative? Or would you like it to seamlessly blend with the rest of the kitchen. The beauty of using a bespoke kitchen company, like Hill Farm Furniture, is that we can create as grand or subtle an entrance as you want. Popular features include glass cabinets and shelving either side of the pantry entrance along with feature doors that fold, slide or are completely glass, drawing the eye into the room beyond.

Bespoke pantry entrance

Keeping cool

Pantries, unlike larders, tend not to be chilled. However, a pantry should be cool, and this can be achieved by ensuring the room has good ventilation and is ideally situated on a north facing side of the house. Thirdly, the use of stone and granite surfaces for worktops and flooring are ideal. They are hard wearing, look great and keep their cool.


Involving a bespoke kitchen company early in the design process will help to define the type of pantry area you need so you can make the most of the space you have.

Jo Ashwin of Hill Farm Furniture says: “The perfect pantry is about optimising the space available. The beauty of a bespoke kitchen is that you can create a space within the design for anything and everything. A shallow wall, for example, can be perfect for designing a spice rack around. And all Hill Farm Furniture kitchens incorporate adjustable shelves for maximum versatility.

“You don’t want the pantry to feel like an after-thought, so it needs to be worked into the design from the beginning. A beautiful handmade kitchen and pantry need to seamlessly link, continuing the design style, colours and worktop materials across both areas.”

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The Ingredients for a Perfect Pantry