Post-pandemic Kitchen Trends

With people having spent more time than ever at home over the past 18 months, the way a kitchen is used has changed forever. Not only are kitchens a place to provide food and to connect with family and friends, but they are also now classrooms, an office, a party venue, a space for pets… and sometimes all of these things at once! So, what are the post-pandemic trends in kitchen design?

Country-style Kitchens

Eclectic kitchens, full of different shapes, colours and materials are making a comeback as cosy, country kitchens become vogue once again. These kitchens will feature solid-wood cabinets, painted units that can be changed in years to come and bespoke kitchen design that makes the most of whatever space is available.

Eco-friendly Kitchen Design

All Hill Farm Furniture kitchens and free-standing furniture come with a painted finish and only use the best materials for the handmade cabinets and carcasses. Not only will the life of the kitchen then be a long one but, by repainting it or changing handles for example, it can be adapted to suit current trends without the need to completely replace it.

The Working from Home Kitchen

For many, working from home, in some form, is here for good. We’ve got used to working in the heart of the home and we want it to continue but, we want it to be comfortable and designed as a working space. Hence the increase in popularity of kitchens that feature a built in, bespoke desk, designed to complement the rest of the room.

Room for Rover

Our love for man’s best friend has seen a surge in demand for dog-friendly kitchen designs, whether this is a built-in bed or a large enough sink in a utility room to wash a dog down.

Sitting Pretty

Originally fashionable in the 1970s, banquettes have become popular once again. Not only are they perfect for under seat storage but they make for a softer, more homely seating area as against a traditional dining table and chairs. The trend towards more upholstery in a kitchen, which softens the edges, is also seen in bar stools, which are now much more luxurious and much more of a feature.

Perfect Pantries…

…Boot rooms, flower rooms, sculleries and laundry rooms. Just some of the trends we are seeing as people invest in their kitchens and homes rather than foreign holidays, clothes and eating out. Where space and budget allow, the inclusion of a pantry is as practical as it is luxurious, being designed as a cooler room where food can be stored safely and for longer.

Blending Kitchen & Garden

Using lighter colours for kitchen cabinets, along with the still popular deep blues and greens, kitchens can begin to blend with the outside to help create a feeling of one space.

Technology Trends

As a place to work, to listen to music, to entertain the children or to party, no kitchen is now complete without the integration of wi-fi, sound, light and TV systems. Bespoke kitchens, made to measure, do this the best as technological requirements can be built into the kitchen design from day one, and not as an after-thought.

At Hill Farm, we understand that your kitchen design needs to be as unique as you are. From traditional farmhouse style to modern solid wood creations, we only work with the highest quality materials. We use time-honoured craftmanship to ensure you get the best finish possible.

Every single element can be tailored to your requirements, with no pre-determined unit sizes or finishes. The only thing left for you to do is to tell us about the life you live and the styles you love.

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Post-pandemic Kitchen Trends