Top Kitchen Design Trends This 2018

Our understanding of a kitchen years ago was that it was hidden in the back of the house and was only utilised as a place where meals were prepared and dirty dishes were washed.

With the advancement of technology and the continued changing social dynamics, kitchens today have obtained a more elevated role and have become the focal point of the home where families are brought together.

Whether you’re designing your kitchen from scratch or your current layout just needs renovating, here are a few pointers to remind you of what’s hot in the world of kitchen design this 2018:

Mixed Metals

Mixing different metals in the kitchen has become a trend as it gives the room a cosy, lived-in look. This is a great way to add visual interest by creating depth.

Open Shelving Rules the Kitchen

Open shelving has become popular amongst homemakers these days for an uplifted decorative statement. Quick tip! Consider rough-cut woods for open shelving to bring in natural elements or metal tubing for a more industrial look.

Smart Kitchens

Smart kitchens are built with technology integrated into every function and appliance. Anyone who’s planning on installing a new kitchen in 2018 should consider wifi-ready appliances that allow us to control our kitchens from afar.

Multipurpose Islands

Larger kitchen islands are very ‘in’ this 2018 as they can serve multiple uses such as having storage solution cabinets whilst also providing a casual dining and/or drinking bar.

Bold, Vibrant Colour Schemes

Vibrant colour schemes are still popular as they brighten up the kitchen and allows homeowners to reflect their personalities in different colours.

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Top Kitchen Design Trends This 2018