Trend Report: Rustic Charm is recover Modern Kitchens

According to Press Loft, an international press database for journalists and bloggers worldwide, the trend for rustic decor is starting to contradict the widespread popularity of the contemporary kitchen.

Hold onto your hats, kitchen lovers! The report (which features one of our own beautiful bespoke kitchens!) stresses that people are now increasingly looking to natural elements for a more lived-in interior:

With wood, terracotta, brickwork, stone, glass, rattan, nubby cotton, wool, paper, clay and various types of metal for an electic feel, emphasized by ultra modern accessories.

Want to know more? View the Trend Report product gallery here. Or to stay ahead of the trend, book a consultation today to help us craft your very own bespoke kitchen, with just the right balance of rustic charm and modern functionality. Well, rustic can as be refined as you like…

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Trend Report: Rustic Charm is recover Modern Kitchens