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How can a bespoke island enhance your kitchen?

When it comes to modernising your kitchen, it’s impossible to look past the benefits of a bespoke island. Ideal for large kitchens, but fits in just as well in smaller ones, the island is a surefire way to give your kitchen a new lease of life. Here are a few examples how.

Extra storage space

One of the most popular features of a bespoke island is the extra storage space it affords your kitchen. Capable of incorporating shelving, cupboards, or even extra fridge space within, the island has almost limitless potential for storage.

More space for prepping meals

For those huge family dinners and fancy dinner parties you may be throwing, sometimes worktop space can be at a premium. A kitchen island is a massive help in giving you that extra workspace to prep those massive meals. You could even build in a cutting board or chopping block into the island, along with an extra sink and you’d have a perfect prep station.

Extra seating

A bespoke island offers the perfect space not only to prep meals, but to serve them too. You don’t want to be eating every meal at the formality of the dining table, so why not make your island into a chic, casual breakfast bar? It can also serve as a great place for your children to catch up on homework, or even to sit and learn to cook by watching you in action.

Space for appliances

No room for a professional espresso machine on your kitchen counter? Are your fridge or washing machine taking up too much room? Bear in mind that a bespoke kitchen island can be hooked up to gas, plumbing and electricity. This means that any of your space saving concerns can be solved by putting your appliances on or in your island.

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How can a bespoke island enhance your kitchen?