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How Handcrafted Furniture can Transform your Home for the better

At Hill Farm Furniture we have a wide range of bespoke handcrafted furniture to help transform your home.

Whether it’s your first house or a re-designing for a new beginning; we know we can help create your dream home! Our inspiration is forged from your individual requirements. We bring to life your bespoke home design as we offer a wide range of handcrafted bespoke home furniture perfect for you.

Thinking big?

Wanting to swipe the house clean and start over? We cover anything from utility rooms to kitchens. From studies and libraries to boot rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Each room can be transformed with the delicate touch of detail in our bespoke home furniture. We pride ourselves on being able to hand design each piece to the style that you decide; don’t limit your ideas as we deliver an array of styles from modern contemporary chic to old Victorian.

Lost in the thought of your new Kitchen?

Every design in your new bespoke luxury kitchen will be crafted to your wants and needs. If you require a practical flow to help make your day that bit easier with the children, Hill Farm can provide you with a functional layout with space saving furniture. If a family kitchen is what you need then you may want one of our custom-made islands, perfect to gather the family around for breakfast. Or if you like to host, mix up your kitchen with new bi-folding doors and enjoy how your kitchen expands to the patio or garden.

No matter your style or needs, we promise to deliver high quality bespoke furniture.

Why not visit our showroom in Newark, near Nottingham (and sitting on the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire border) and start the process of making your dream handmade kitchen a reality.

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How Handcrafted Furniture can Transform your Home for the better