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Multi-functional kitchen islands

When you imagine your ideal kitchen, it’s likely that a kitchen island takes pride of place. At Hill Farm Furniture, we can make your dreams a reality and designing the perfect kitchen island is all part of the process.

Kitchen islands are popular because they add so much style to a new kitchen. However, they have many practical functions, too. This makes them ideal for family life, entertaining and even simply for providing extra storage space. From a simple farmhouse-style workstation to a top of the range, truly luxurious island, at Hill Farm Furniture we listen to your desires and help create a kitchen island that will suit both your lifestyle and your home.

Kitchen Island Aesthetics

The aesthetic appeal of a kitchen island is one of the main reasons that they are so popular. Whether they are similar to the rest of the kitchen in terms of design and material for a seamless look, or use contrasting materials and colours, an aesthetically pleasing kitchen island can transform your kitchen into a thing of beauty.

Kitchen Island Purpose

Whether you frequently have friends come to visit, or just enjoy some family time, a kitchen island is the perfect way to socialise whilst prepping some food. Whether it is a quiet Sunday morning or a busy Tuesday evening with homework, the kitchen island will bring together the family whilst preparing a meal.

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The breaking down of the boundary between the kitchen and living room is being impacted by this social aspect but it can be welcomed. A kitchen island provides you with a space that you can prepare and eat your food, but also a place that you can socialise on evenings and weekends with friends and family.

Multi-Functional Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are not just blocks that sit in the middle of your kitchen, they can be much more than that. Many include extra storage space. If you are struggling for space in your kitchen cupboards, an island is a great way to fix this.

There’s no denying that a kitchen island can give you more useable kitchen worktop space. Whether you are preparing meals, preserving, batch cooking or baking, having a large expanse of worktop space can make cooking so much easier and more enjoyable.

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It is also possible to incorporate appliances into your kitchen island. For example, you may wish to install an induction hob into the surface of your island or a sink and Quooker hot water tap. Other popular additions include an entire oven system, the dishwasher or fridge freezer. Incorporating appliances below the worktop of the island can be a real space saver, leaving more room for a dining table or a comfortable seating area.

Future of the Island

One adaptation that the kitchen island could see in years to come is the inclusion of the double island! A second island will provide you with even more storage space and can split up the food prep from the eating zone within the kitchen. A double island will also allow you to invite more people round for a post-pandemic get together and is a perfect, luxury addition where space and budget is no object!

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Multi-functional kitchen islands