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Smart living: Technology is changing how we use our kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a fact. It’s where we eat, socialise and connect with the ones we love.

However, we all want to make better use of our time. We’re usually busy before we get to the point where we can relax with our friends and family. So, it’s no wonder that smart tech is becoming more popular in this area of the house.

Let’s take a look at how smart technology feels at home in the kitchen.

View your fridge from your mobile phone

Did you know you can now buy smart fridge freezers that include an interactive touchscreen? It’s true! You can use it to shop for groceries, track expiration dates and read and download recipes. You can even use an integrated camera to check the contents of your fridge. You can decide what to make for dinner without even being in the house. It’s a revelation.

Washing your pots on the go

Many smart appliances now have the ability to connect with Alexa or Google Home. This means you can remotely turn on your dishwasher, watch its progress, and, this is the best bit, reorder dishwasher tablets if you run out.

Tidy kitchen, tidy mind

Tidy kitchen, tidy mind. Is that even a saying? It is now. Unsightly cables in the kitchen are now a thing of the past. Plug sockets in drawers are the future. At Hill Farm Furniture, we’ve seen an increase in interest in drawers that conceal plug sockets, which help declutter work surfaces and hide small appliances.

We’re also always concerned about battery life on our phones, and quite often, plug sockets in the kitchen are used up for many of our appliances. How do we keep our phones charged so that we can scour the internet or watch videos whilst we prepare food? Plug sockets and USB charging points in drawers, of course!

Set your kitchen up for socialising

We mentioned earlier that the kitchen is often the heart of the home, and we use it for socialising. That’s why we often see Amazon Alexa or Google Nest plugged in. But TVs in kitchens are becoming popular too. Ideally, TVs would have a door covering them because splashes and spillages are a risk in the kitchen. But, we’re also seeing double-sided TV screens for open plan living being installed too.

Packing the kitchen sink

Wouldn’t it be great if you could check on food cooking in the oven whilst you pop to the shops? Or start a wash cycle on the way home from work? Well, now you can. Many domestic appliance manufacturers have their own apps that allow you to connect with their products. Take Miele, for example. They say their app is “the perfect companion: with the Miele app, you can always keep track of your Miele appliances.” It’s a fast and convenient piece of software that connects you to your kitchen quickly and easily. So now, when you leave home, the phrase ‘packing the kitchen sink’ isn’t far off the mark.

Hill Farm Furniture and smart kitchens

We work with high-end domestic appliance manufacturers like Miele, Woolf, Sub-zero, and Gaggenhau to bring your dream kitchen to life.

So, whether you want USBs in drawers to the latest smart fridge freezer, we can design and build a clever kitchen. And, you know those taps that automatically produce boiling hot water, we can source them too. You can thank us later!

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Smart living: Technology is changing how we use our kitchens