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Bespoke luxury kitchens – galley kitchen design ideas

When you have limited kitchen space, a galley kitchen is an obvious choice.

However, this does not mean a lack of bespoke home design ideas or limitations in your choice of kitchen cabinets and styles. Below we explore some bespoke home furniture and design ideas that are perfect for a galley kitchen.

A feeling of space

It is so important to create that feeling of space. So, opt for pale wooden flooring that draws your eye down the length of the kitchen, glass doors on cabinets and sliding doors on any adjoining rooms. The addition of mirrors and LED lights can also help to create the illusion of space.

Sleek and streamlined

Smooth and sleek kitchen cabinets work very well in the galley kitchen, as they create that streamlined look, which in turn creates the illusion of additional space. Use minimalist handles and doors to hide appliances.

The farmhouse galley kitchen

If you love the farmhouse kitchen look, then this can be easily incorporated into the galley kitchen. Use colour stained wooden cabinets, open rustic wooden shelving and add a pale coloured tiled floor. Wicker baskets and wooden countertops will help complete the look.

The open plan galley kitchen

If your galley kitchen leads out onto an open plan diner, then the two spaces should be decorated and styled as one room. Choose neutral colour options for cabinets and wall coverings. Choose light coloured flooring and for the run of parallel kitchen counters, opt for natural stone or marble.

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Bespoke luxury kitchens – galley kitchen design ideas