Brilliant Tricks To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Most homeowners dream of a vast and spacious kitchen but not all properties can have a large space for this area.

You might not be able to physically increase your kitchen’s square footage but you could always give the illusion of a larger, more open space. Read through some few tips below on how you can stretch and enlarge the look and feel of your kitchen without having a major overhaul.

Paint your kitchen white

You could never go wrong with a white paint as it has the ability to reflect light whilst enhancing the sense of space and receding the walls.

Welcome the light

Maximise the flow of natural light by choosing blinds with shades that won’t block the beams coming in.

Go for a low-contrast colour scheme

Instead of choosing a stark contrast to show sophistication, go for a kitchen scheme with different tones of the same colour.

Choose slim furniture

To visually reveal more of your kitchen space, ditch bulky furniture and look for open table legs, translucent materials, and armless chairs instead.

Go for shiny surfaces

Another trick to make your small kitchen appear bigger is by making use of reflective surfaces such as marble countertops, glossy floors, satin paint and stainless steel to maximise the effect of both natural and artificial lights.

Eliminate clutter

Maintaining a neat-looking kitchen space is not only about keeping things tidy and tucked away but is also having counters, windowsills and cabinet tops without going overboard on decorative details.

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Brilliant Tricks To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger