Create a light, bright kitchen

Kitchens are more than just a place to create delicious meals, they’re often the hub and heart of the home.

One of the biggest skills for creators of bespoke luxury kitchens is to make the most of natural light in your home, and at Hill Farm Furniture we work hard to make sure that we deliver the lightest, brightest bespoke kitchens Lincolnshire has to offer.

What’s the best location for your kitchen?

Most people find the best location for their kitchen is at the back of the house. This gives access to the garden, and bespoke home design frequently incorporates garden doors to make the most of light, access and views. Your kitchen designer will work with you to help you create a practical and aesthetically pleasing room, flooded with as much natural light as possible.

What colours should I choose to make my kitchen light and bright?

Colour changes the mood of any room, and it’s a great way to create a bright and spacious feel. The watchword that light colours make a room look bigger and brighter still holds, but don’t feel that means you have to stick to white. Soft greys and blues will have an equally illuminating effect and can be combined with darker accessories to give a stylish twist.

How can I use lighting in my kitchen?

This is where the skill of your cabinet makers is invaluable. Using layered lighting, perhaps under cabinets or over your island will give the ideal combination of focused task lighting and beautiful ambient comfort.

These simple steps will help you create a beautiful space, that goes beyond being somewhere to prepare food. Choosing bespoke home furniture means you can design every element of your space, and Hill Farm Furniture are experts in creating light, bright, bespoke kitchens in Lincolnshire, Nottingham and Newark.

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Create a light, bright kitchen