Elements to Feng Shui Your Kitchen

For those curious in the concept of feng shui, it might be interesting to learn that the kitchen is part of the 'feng shui trinity'.

This consists of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, all of which are thought to play a large role in your health and well-being. In a full feng shui appraisal, the location and floor plan of your kitchen will be important in creating a bespoke luxury kitchen for your home. But there are some general elements to improve the energy of your kitchen that can be easily implemented, and here they are!


Colour plays a key role in the energy of your kitchen. Soft grey creates a warm, airy feeling, while sky blue and earthy colours can be very calming and balancing, like in this superb design. Whatever your preferences, with a little research you can find a colour scheme that will help maximise your kitchen's feng shui.


You may wonder about the best plate designs and colours for your kitchen feng shui. There really are no absolutes in effective feng shui; it is always good practice to go with things you love and are drawn to, especially in key rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.

A kitchen with soul

Creating 'soul' in your kitchen is a fascinating area to explore. The basics are important, like keeping everything clean and clutter-free with a logical flow. Effective use of cabinets is a good starting point, and with the help of some skilled cabinet makers, you can get all the storage you need.

Whether you believe in the flow of energy or not, some of the most effective kitchen designs are the ones that obey the rules of feng shui. At Hill Farm Furniture, we help develop the bespoke kitchens Lincolnshire residents can be proud of, and we love the quirky design features that come with a little feng shui.

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Elements to Feng Shui Your Kitchen