Handmade Kitchens that Stand the Test of Time

Top 5 Elements to Consider when Planning and Commissioning a New Kitchen

Commissioning a new kitchen is an exciting process, but how can you be sure that the design you choose will be one that you’ll love forever? There are five elements to consider to be sure that your bespoke kitchen design will stand the test of time.

1.   Quality

Although it can be tempting to search for a bargain, flat pack kitchens offer less flexibility in terms of design and style. Unfortunately, high street kitchens may not offer the longevity you require, either. Choosing a high-quality kitchen from an experienced designer is a more cost-effective option. The kitchen units, worktops and accessories you select will be of the highest standard, meaning that they will last for well over 20 years. Moreover, you are guaranteed a kitchen that oozes style and sophistication and will not go out of fashion.

Hiring a kitchen design team ensures you have access to the most up to date information including the option to purchase state-of-the-art kitchen equipment. A designer will consider the needs of you and your family and make suggestions that cater to your lifestyle. They may also make valuable suggestions about the kitchen layout or niche appliances that you would not otherwise have considered. This means you will have no regrets once your kitchen is complete, and instead look forward to years of pure enjoyment.

2.   Timeless Design

To ensure your new kitchen stands the test of time, avoid fleeting fashions and instead opt for timeless designs.

With their square edges and flat centre panel, shaker style cabinets are ever popular for a kitchen that you won’t ever grow tired of. The minimal detail and clean lines make the shaker style one of the most popular kitchen designs that shows no sign of going out of fashion.

To ensure that your kitchen is the heart of your home, you could opt for a farmhouse style design. Farmhouse kitchens place emphasis on the use of natural materials, such as the Quebec Yellow Timber and Tulip Wood we favour at Hill Farm Furniture. The space to enjoy cooking for your family is an essential design feature, and you are sure to enjoy many hearty meals once your kitchen is installed.

Once you have chosen your kitchen cabinet designs, you’ll want a worktop to perfectly complement the style. Marble worktops are not only hard wearing, but also add unending style to your kitchen.

At Hill Farm, we understand that you’ll want to put your stamp on your kitchen design by selecting paint colours and finishes that make your heart sing. For timeless design, select neutral colours that you won’t ever tire of. We use only the finest quality paint brands including Farrow & Ball, Zoffany and Little Greene.

3.   Clever Storage

In the midst of cooking for a family celebration or perfecting your traditional Sunday roast, you may need to use every available appliance and surface. But once everything has been washed up, you’ll want to restore order. For a clean and uncluttered kitchen, clever storage is your friend.

Our modern lifestyles demand the finest of appliances. Espresso makers, bread machines, slow cookers and food processors can make daily living easier and more enjoyable. A bespoke kitchen design can ensure that when not in use, these essentials are tucked away within cupboards or on clever shelving solutions. They remain easily accessible for everyday use, but don’t clutter up worktops.

A kitchen island is a popular addition to a tailored design. Not only does it offer additional workspace for food preparation, it can become an integral part of your kitchen. Islands offer storage space with cupboards, shelving and even recesses for chopping boards or oven trays. You can also choose to integrate power sources within your island to incorporate a hob, fridge or additional sockets. Adding an island to your kitchen is not only a great focal point, but also offers incredible functionality.

4.   Future Proofing

None of us know what the future might hold, but if you are considering having children, you will want your kitchen designer to keep this in mind. Cooking for your family is incredibly rewarding, and you want a kitchen that will work as hard as you do!

Family rooms are becoming increasingly popular, combining kitchen, dining and play space in one room. Being able to see that your young children are safe and happy can make everyday tasks, including cooking, much easier. Your designer can suggest ways of creating a kitchen whilst ensuring suitable space for a growing family.

You will also want to consider hard-wearing flooring which can withstand toddler mealtimes and spillages. Tile flooring, for example, can cope with almost anything a child can throw at it!

5.   Entertaining

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and that is never truer than when entertaining. Whether you are planning grown up soirees or children’s birthday parties, working with a kitchen designer will ensure your kitchen works for you.

To ensure your guests are comfortable, discussion of smart seating arrangements could include a breakfast bar, built in tables or benches beneath worktops. Being able to catch up with friends in comfort is one of life’s great pleasures.

There are many appliances that can make entertaining easier. You may choose to opt for a bean to cup coffee maker, a smart dishwasher or a wine fridge to make it even easier to enjoy time with friends.

Moveable workstations give you kitchen flexibility, too. Mobile islands, butcher’s blocks and even larders ensure your kitchen is ready for any event in your calendar. Simply rearrange your workstations to suit your changing needs.

Handmade Kitchens

At Hill Farm Furniture, we’ve been making bespoke kitchens for almost 30 years.  With natural woods and personalised finishes, our customers are assured that they are ordering a kitchen to enjoy for years to come.

Working with one of our designers means creating the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us to begin planning your bespoke handmade kitchen that will stand the test of time. Or visit our showroom, just outside Newark for kitchen design inspiration.

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Handmade Kitchens that Stand the Test of Time