Kitchen Trends For 2020

If you love bespoke home furniture and want to revamp your kitchen this year, it’s always advantageous to keep on top of the latest kitchen designs and trends. Keep on reading to learn about the latest trends in bespoke luxury kitchens in 2020.

Black and white

One of the biggest colour kitchen trends of 2020 will be black, white and grey walls, floors, cabinets and accessories. This look incorporates the use of grey worktops with white kitchen cupboards and stainless-steel accessories. The look is fresh, clean and especially perfect for the smaller kitchen.

The classic kitchen is updated

The classic look is back, but this time it will be bold and completely updated. Cabinet makers are producing ornate farmhouse kitchen cabinets that are teamed with period fixtures and fittings to create a classic yet utterly modern look.

Warm wood

If you love the idea of wooden cabinets and a scrubbed oak table then you’re in luck as warm wood is set to be a huge trend in 2020. Wooden cabinets are given a simple finish with wooden handles and are paired with real wood floors and wooden accessories.

Open shelving

The open plan kitchen is still big news in 2020 and this extends to the whole minimalist industrial look with the use of open wooden shelving that is either varnished, painted white or given bold accent colours. The idea is to proudly display all your cups, plates and bowls.

Smart storage

We all love a declutter and if you’re not a fan of open shelves than smart storage is the key to keeping a kitchen aesthetically pleasing. Hiding kitchen appliances, for example, behind folding doors means they are easily accessible but can then be hidden way for a streamlined look.

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Kitchen Trends For 2020