Painted Kitchens and Colour Trends for 2022

Kitchens are, for many, the heart of the home. They’re the place for making and enjoying meals, having a family catch up after a long day at work, or having an evening in with friends. So how they look is as important as how they function and making sure that a kitchen is designed to last is just as critical.

Why Buy a Painted Kitchen?

This is where painted kitchens come in. The first time that someone enters your kitchen, they will undoubtedly notice the colour and finish of the furniture before anything else, so the choice that you make in these areas are crucial.

Painted kitchens are exactly what they say they are. Areas within the kitchen that can be painted including cabinets and doors. The durability of a painted kitchen is one of its main attractions (alongside its beauty - a bespoke, hand-painted kitchen looks stunning). A cabinet that is painted can look as good as new a decade later. Whatever bumps, knocks or scratches that come their way, you can easily paint over these and give your kitchen a new lease of life.

Another major plus for having a painted kitchen is that you can keep it on trend much more easily or if you like to shake things up frequently, a painted kitchen is perfect for updating regularly. It is so easy to make changes in a painted kitchen, the opportunity to change colours is always there. You are never pinned down and committed to one particular colour or design that will take time, effort and money to change.

Kitchen Colour Trends for 2022

So, if you fancy a change to your painted kitchen, what are the colour trends for 2022? Well, the trend is leaning towards serene colours, colours that calm us and provide a gentle haven.

  • Believe it or not, one colour that will make an impression in 2022 is white! This is a colour that will always be a great option for a kitchen as it will never go out of fashion! A kitchen in white looks clean and bright. Little Greene Paint Company has released its version, Silent White, for a neutral and versatile finish. Or try Farrow & Ball’s School House White.
  • Another colour that will continue in popularity in your kitchen in 2022 is grey. Grey is a colour that has the ability to create an ultra-modern cosy atmosphere. The colour blends well with wood texture and is perfect for adding a sophisticated look to your kitchen.
  • A colour that is always relevant for kitchens is blue. Whether that is a soft baby or a navy blue, the colour is always a popular feature in kitchens, and it’s hard to disagree! A soft pale blue brings the sky inside and is a great way to soften your space for the springtime. The latest blues from top paint companies include Stone Blue from Farrow & Ball and Etruria from Little Greene, named after Josiah Wedgewood’s ceramic factory.
  • Sage green, in various subtle tints, will make real splash in 2022. This green has a hint of natural grey embedded and creates a real sense of tranquillity and a reflection of nature. Sage green is great for any kitchen and will add a calm manner into a place that can sometimes feel crazy.
  • And finally, yellow! Not to everyone’s taste but if you want to go bold, yellow could be your colour in 2022. Farrow & Ball have released a stunning yellow called Babouche or for a more ochre-feel Little Greene’s Bassoon allows a kitchen to look warm and bright without reverting to cream.

Each element of a bespoke Hill Farm Furniture kitchen begins as a hand-drawn plan and ends in a lick of paint. To complement our artisan craftsmanship and high-quality materials, we only use the finest quality paints from brands renowned for their endurance and light-reflecting properties, such as Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Paint and Paper Library, Zoffany and Fired Earth.

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Painted Kitchens and Colour Trends for 2022