Where To Start When Designing Your Kitchen

Designing your perfect kitchen is a big job, but an exciting one. Your kitchen is the hub of your home life – where cooking, entertaining and family gatherings happen. Whether you’re looking for a classic, traditional, period or contemporary kitchen design. Hill Farm Furniture can help you decide on your perfect handmade kitchen.


Create a wishlist

Whilst a kitchen designer can draw up your plan, measurements, pricing and logistics of your kitchen, only you know what you want your dream kitchen to look like.

Some key things to consider when planning your wishlist include:

  • Colour schemes
  • A few pieces of statement furniture you particularly enjoy
  • Statement cabinet handles
  • Luxury gadgets
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Fabrics and soft furnishings

The sky is the limit when it comes to your kitchen design. If you’re looking for some style inspiration, Pinterest and Instagram are always very useful. They can help you create a visual mood board that you can show to your designer, if you so wish.

Magazines and brochures are also a good visual aid into finding out what you want your kitchen to look like. Is there anything from your current design that you’d like to keep? The more you see, the more you will get a feel for what style you want to pursue. 


Set a kitchen design budget

If you’ve never planned for a kitchen renovation before, you’ll probably have a few questions about the cost. A good designer will incorporate as much of your wishlist as possible into your initial designs, the costs of which should be established beforehand. 

At Hill Farm Furniture, we charge a nominal fee of £295 (inc VAT) for our designs, that we will remove from your final bill if you commission us to build your kitchen.

Kitchen designing and building can quickly rack up unexpected costs if you don’t set a fixed price before your kitchen work starts. Discuss with your designer exactly how much you want your budget to stretch.


Consider the practicalities

When planning a kitchen, it may be easy to overlook the actual layout of the design. But often this is the most important aspect. You want it to be a room that looks great and allows you to whip up your favourite meals with ease.

Think about most kitchen designs, which usually align with the working triangle shape. This allows for smooth access between fridge, sink and hob. The idea is to make meal preparation easier without being too restrictive.


Make the right cabinetry choice

When you think of your dream kitchen, you might think of your shiny marble countertops, or some blingy new gadgets perhaps. But what about cabinetry? Many people might forget about cabinetry when factoring in their kitchen build, but it can be the heart of any kitchen. 

Some kitchen designers even suggest selecting your cabinets first because they are such a key component to the overall aesthetic. Choose from contemporary styles, ornate, traditional, period or rustic. 

This is the really fun part about the design aspect, and cabinetry is your chance to get really creative!


How can Hill Farm Furniture help?

If you can visualise you perfect kitchen but aren’t sure how to bring it to life, that’s where Hill Farm Furniture can help. Each of our projects are specifically designed to your personal taste and lifestyle. 

Inspired by Victorian and Georgian themes, we are with you the whole way from concept, creation, to completion. For bespoke kitchens that will delight your whole household, look no further than Hill Farm Furniture in Newark.

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Where To Start When Designing Your Kitchen