Why Choose British Craftsmanship for Your Ideal Kitchen?

When you begin searching for a kitchen design team, it can feel overwhelming. But there is one way to ensure delight with your finished product. Choosing to work with a company who use the finest methods in British Craftsmanship guarantees a beautifully hand-made kitchen. At Hill Farm Furniture, we pride ourselves on using traditional techniques without cutting any corners, to give clients the perfect kitchen that will last for years.

What is British Craftsmanship?

British craftsmanship is a term used to describe products that are created in Britain, using time-honoured traditional methods. The Crafts Council states that craft skills enrich and uplift us as individuals, and they believe that this may change our world for the better.

Crafts may include tailoring, woodworking, stone masonry or ceramic work, to name just a few. At Hill Farm, we work with natural materials in our Nottinghamshire workshop to produce kitchen cabinets and furniture in a style as individual as each client.

British craftsmanship may also mean sourcing components locally where possible. Native wood or granite, for example, can be used to create a truly British product.

Why is British Craftsmanship Important?


Britain is a country with a long history of traditions. We are a nation with a strong sense of pride and a rich past and have been revered by other countries for our crafts for centuries. It is important to maintain the skills that have been passed down through the generations, so that traditional methods of carpentry and other crafting are not lost. Hand-made or hand-finished products add character and style and can form part of the rich tapestry of our lives.

We are seeing an increase in clients searching for British crafts. Commissioning a kitchen crafted using traditional methods gives a nostalgic sense of the past, adding tradition and status to the heart of your home.

The Craftsman

Craftsmanship is not just about an item being produced in Britain. It is a way of life, a passion, and a love of old-fashioned elbow grease. At Hill Farm, our kitchens are hand crafted right down to the final shaping and sanding. Only when every surface is perfect is luxury paint applied for the finishing touch.

The craftsman cares about the item he or she is producing. Using methods that have been tried and tested for years prior, at Hill Farm we strive to produce the best kitchen furniture possible. Conversely, in a production line of off-the-shelf kitchen units, the same is unlikely to be true. In mass production, the aim is simply that; to produce as many kitchens as possible. Underpaid staff are unlikely to feel valued, and there may therefore be little love in the process. Faults or imperfections can therefore slip through the net, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

“Hand Made”

We’ve all heard of the term handmade, but how often do we stop to think what this term actually means? Handmade items are exactly that; they have been made by a human hand. A person has spent the time handling, crafting and perfecting an item before its sale. At Hill Farm, our handmade kitchens and furniture have their own craft story from the time we have spent nurturing them in our workshop, giving them their own history and innate value.


Our planet is in trouble. We have become accustomed to “fast consumerism” and have become a “throw-away” nation. The availability of discount or budget furniture has made it easier to purchase items that will do for now but are not actually a long-term investment. Once the furniture is no longer what we want, or begins to show signs of wear and tear, it can sadly end up in landfill. To protect our planet, we need to reduce the amount that we produce in waste each year.

If we can slow down and take the time to make long-term decisions, we may be able to make more sustainable, and therefore more cost effective, choices. A kitchen from Hill Farm is designed to last your family for years to come. Our timeless designs, whether traditional or modern, will never grow old. Even better, with solid wood options and the highest quality materials available, our kitchens are crafted to withstand modern family lifestyles.

From our family workshop in Nottinghamshire, our kitchens travel fewer miles from us to your home. Reducing air and land miles can offer you environmental peace of mind.

British Politics

With a decision made to leave the European Union, we must keep in mind all of the worthwhile craftsmanship that exists in Britain. Although we might feel that we are reliant on other countries for many of our products, it is possible for us to continue to work sustainably, if we remember the value of the craftmanship that already exists on our own small island.

Unique Designs

It is far nicer to own a unique piece of furniture, than to learn that you have the same cabinet or kitchen as a friend or relative. Commissioning a kitchen allows you to be part of the design process, rather than selecting form pre-determined kitchen options. At Hill Farm Furniture, we do not work from pre-determined cabinet shapes or sizes, meaning that our designs can truly be created to suit the space within your home.

Living in the Present

Much of life is spent in the virtual world. This is especially true in the current health climate, with many of us working remotely and spending less time face to face with friends, family and co-workers.

Having a tangible, handmade kitchen, is the perfect antidote to a life spent online. It is a treat to have an exquisite product that you can touch and see in real life, rather than a virtual concept. When your movement is limited and you are spending a large proportion of time at home, creating a beautiful kitchen as the heart to your home couldn’t be more important.

Hill Farm Furniture Kitchens

At Hill Farm, we are proud to create bespoke kitchens using traditional methods. For more information about our hand-crafted British kitchens, contact us for more information, to visit the showroom or to arrange an appointment.

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Why Choose British Craftsmanship for Your Ideal Kitchen?